Injector Full Service includes:

Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning
Coil Resistance, Coil Inductance, Coil Insulation Tests
Spray Pattern Test
Leak, Static, Dynamic Flow Tests
Filter, Seals and Caps Replacement (subject of availability)

Injector Full Service

SKU: 0001
Injector style
  • Our prices based on the 4 injectors minimum order. Please contact us if you have quantity less than 4pcs.

    Each item added to cart will do 1 (one) Injector. If you have 4 injectors, please make your quantity 4 when purchasing.


  • We do not charge a full service fee for injectors that are not serviceable.

    $14.99 Fee will be applied for Pre-cleaning, Electrical and Flow Tests.

    Rest of the payment will be returned to your account.