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1000cc Bosch EV14 Flow matched set of 4 injectors (same injectors as discontinued ID1000 ).

Direct fit for: S2000, Civic/Integra/RSX engines B, D, F, H and K series.

Cables included if required.

Injector coil resistance is 12Ohm (aka "high impedance")

Flow rate 1015cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) using Gasoline at 52º C (125º F).

Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure – 7.0 Bar (101.5 psi).

This Bosch EV14 is compatible with the Methanol/Ethanol/All Known Hydrocarbon Fuels.

Potential issues may arise from a prolonged disuse while exposed to the alcohol based fuels (Ethanol E85, etc.)

10 Micron inline aftermarket fuel filter is required to keep the injectors in the working conditions.

Honda / Acura 1000cc Injectors

  • $700 direct fit flow matched set 

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