2200cc Genuine Bosch EV14 Injectors, Same injector as discontinued Injector Dynamics ID1000.

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Cable adapters and top hat adapters included if requires.

Injector coil resistance is 8ohm (aka "high impedance")

Nominal Flow Rate – 2225cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) using Gasoline at 52º C (125º F).. Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure – 9.0 Bar (130.5 psi). 

Proper fuel filtration system is required to keep the injectors in the working conditions.


Compatible with Methanol/Ethanol/All Known Hydrocarbon Fuels.

Incompatible with MTBE/Nitro Methane/Nitro Propane.


CAUTION! DO NOT USE WITH VP Import, Q16 or OTHER MTBE OXYGENATED FUELS. The internal construction of this 2200cc injector includes a seal that has been found to swell when in contact with MTBE from oxygenated fuels like Q16 or VP Import. This swelling causes a significant reduction in flow through the injector and therefore renders it unsuitable for use with MTBE oxygenated fuels. Please be sure to follow the care instructions for these injectors since there are potential corrosion issues that may arise from prolonged disuse while exposed to alcohol based fuels (E85, etc.)

2200cc Bosch EV14 Injectors