2200cc Genuine Bosch EV14 Injectors, Same injector as discontinued Injector Dynamics ID1000.

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Cable adapters and top hat adapters included if requires.

Injector coil resistance is 8ohm (aka "high impedance")

Nominal Flow Rate – 2225cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) using Gasoline at 52º C (125º F). Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure – 9.0 Bar (130.5 psi). 

10 Micron inline aftermarket fuel is required to keep the injectors in the working conditions.

This Bosch EV14 2200cc injector is incompatible with MTBE/Nitro Methane/Nitro Propane. DO NOT USE with VP Import, Q16 or OTHER MTBE oxygenated fuels. The internal construction of this 2200cc injector includes a seal that has been found to swell when in contact with MTBE from oxygenated fuels like Q16 or VP Import. This swelling causes a significant reduction in flow through the injector and therefore renders it unsuitable for use with MTBE oxygenated fuels.
This Bosch EV14 2200cc injector is compatible with Methanol/Ethanol/All Known Hydrocarbon Fuels.
Potential corrosion issues may arise from prolonged disuse while exposed to the alcohol based fuels (E85, etc.)

2200cc Bosch EV14 Injectors